Hello guys ,we are group of successful Forex traders individuals and we will run this Forex blog.Other traders will introduce themselves in  next posts or here. I can only say that we all have something similar and that is our profitable trading strategy.So we created this blog and our robot and yes you can get it for free.

My real name is Ismet Sljivo and i am not your Forex guru or that scams ,but i think i can help.

Because i have lot of free time trading daily charts i have decided to write my experience here to kill my time.

We will not sell you anything here and we don't teach people for money.

Everything here is free and it will always will be.We even don't want to put google ads or such things.

So welcome to our website and our group of individuals which has unique name called Kinglton FX PRO Evolution 2.0.Our website www.kfxpro.com is registered this year but we have started trading since 2008.


Yeah i was terrible with trading like you.I blowed up my accounts several times ,and i have made every possible mistake you could imagine.I know i needed to stick with all things that i was told to use but i did not.

I started to exploring other tools and methods,all of them.

I really don't know how many are they ,i think over 11.000 indicators alone are ready to us to use.I was going to find a way to put all those things together to bring me some great returns,no matter what are market conditions are in that right moment.
So i was trading and losing and exploring everything like you.I went to online courses , i was buying signals Expert Advisors and all that scams.

So every day after work I'd come home and exploring new concepts and indicators on every time frame for every currency pair Gold and BTC and every possible Stock.And guess what ,most of them were horrible.

Every tool out there for Forex users are scam and truly horrible.They all lose money ,all of them and your head wants to explode.
But common ones and those popular are really really horrible and they lose money .

Year after year you find some ability to work in every market condition,but it will be easier to find some EA robot to do such things for you ,and you can go out with your friends and family to enjoy in your life.That was my wish at first, but creating a robot is not easy work.You must pay developers to use your brain strategy to build it.

So over time you find new friends ,new investors that are using the same strategy you have and you connect with them to build one nice robot that fits all our needs.So in 2015 we started to thinking about it and we started collecting money for developers.
We had all our strategies in our heads so time is come for putting that to work.


Now is 2019 and our robot is working ,you will see demonstration with videos and images and you will be able to download it and test it on your own account.

Now after 10 years i can say that i officially trade Forex professionally .

It feels awesome to say that after all hard work.

And you may thinking what is your message to all Forex users.

Here is Message: Do pretty much the opposite of what most people do!!!!
Delete from your head all bad habits that you have in trading,because they will take you down no matter how well you trade

The plan of this blog is that we will tell you things that nobody is saying and we will show you things nobody else is doing. 

There is no job like Forex Trading.There is no money like in Forex Trading .Everything is beatable even Forex Market.

And we want to help you out with that.

So let's Go For IT!!!!



Yes in about section i was talking about my trading journey and year after year details .After 10 years i can say that i am professional Forex trader like my other friends investors .This robot is performing our profitable stategy .Creation of this robot cost us about 140.000$ .It could be more but we are developers as well so we done lot of things together.

Because i am in lot of Forex forums and lot of groups online and i see everyday people that do not have money and they want just to learn professionaly how to trade,i see that nobody is giving right informations.So i have decided to open this blog and give this robot for free.I really think that i can help .Big Banks and brokers are owners of that information and they want that you lose so you know what i want to say.

So about robot:

We have tested it couples of times and i will show it  to you bellow in video and pictures.It is working on H1 chart and please do not use it in other timeframe because it will not work.Take profit and trailing stop loss  he puts so you do not have to worry that he will blow up your account.With 10.000$ capital from 2012 till today this robot earned over 500.000$ in just one pair. It will work on couple of pairs 10 of them.You will get all info when we send it to you. Money Manegament is 4 percent  and winn to lose ratio is 1:2 but that one is trailing so lot of time you will have free trade because stop loss will be at break even.

My suggestion is to be patient and do not act like smartass and let him run.


So check out our Profitable EA ROBOT performance on EUR/USD !

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Risk is part of every day life.Everything you do includes some risk,but Trading Forex is really high risk.
We strongly suggest you that you find normal job and live like other normal people.Forex is not for everyone but yes it's beatable.With help of our profitable EA Robot you will beat this game.We promise!

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