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What is Forex Affiliate Marketing?

When promoting a product or a service provided buy someone who created it successfully and you make a nice earnings from the commission that is called as Affiliate marketing.So what is the forex affiliate marketing?It is the same concept only difference is that you get a link from a forex broker and you send your organic visitors or paid visitors to that forex trading platform,and you get paid to do so.You get commission based on initial deposit of your client called CPA(Cost Per Acquisition) or based on his transactions made by trading called RevShare.
Sometimes term Forex affiliate program is used for different types of partnerships where you can become introducing broker or just refer a friend to your link.Here we will focus on clasic affiliate marketing because it is easy to promote something that is good.In this case our robot.We have lot of partners that are using our forex robot and in the same time while robot trading they do CopyFx or Copytrading for their clients.Only thing you need is to put referral links on your website share them with your audience and you are ready to go.

How to Be a Successful Forex Affiliate Marketer

It is not easy job to do forex affiliate marketing,it takes lot of skill and hard work especially if you do not have a website or similar ways to get traffic from google.Today we will try to show you ways on how can you become a successful forex affiliate marketer.But first thing when it comes promoting product is that you need unique product like our Forex Robot.

Can You Really Make Money From Copyfx , Copy trading or Social Trading?

Yes people make money with that and we have a lot of clients that earn huge commission from Copyfx and Copytrading that is called also social trading where you have popular accounts that you can copy.What ever that trader do your account also copying his trades.

Can You Really Make Money From Affiliate Marketing?

It is very possible to make money with affiliate marketing and many people from bloggers ,youtubers ,and celebs are doing just that.Have you ever wonder how youtubers live and from where they can have big amounts of money?Lot of them got rich doing just that.But however you need to be realistic when you start.Unless you have already popular site with high organic traffic or you are willing to put effort to success you will need to wait until forex affiliate marketing becomes your primary source of income.I think you should treat this job as a passive income that is promising because over time it could result in a high return.

So How to Become a Forex Affiliate Marketer? Here is 10 Step Strategy to help set you up

We always hear that doing business online is a passive income and it is not real job but having successful Forex affiliate program can make your earnings touch the sky,and with regular job you will never earn money like on Forex affiliate program.Since we are trading from long time 2009 we have put all together and tried everything.So here is 10 step strategy to helo you out with it.

Step 1: Put yourself as an Authority and let people know that you are making living money from forex,and that you personally tell your audience that trading forex in this case with forex robot and this forex broker is worth their time and money.Meaning that your traffic needs to have a reason to trust you and your product,and you need to demonstrate how forex trading with robot works.Provide them advices analysis and everything they need to know about forex robot.

Step 2: Build your online Presence as a Forex Authority 
At first you will be struggling to get your following and how to refer anyone that use forex robot or that particular forex broker.Everything is about content you produce and content is the king.Do not be spam guy who is forcing people to trade with robot.It is all about engaging on social media and healthy talking about that.Try to boost your rankings in search engines like Google or Bing or Yandex by creating guality content about forex trading.
Always think twice about topicks and what is the problems or hot trends to resolve and make your site or page looks nice that google bot can understand.Your SEO needs to be very good with lot of targeted keywords and guality content.

Step 3:Write Testimonials and Reviews about Automated Forex Trading Robot 
This is very good strategy so that your readers can see real time trading and advantages and other reviews.Maybe comparisons sites are good way to do so by asking which is better?Or why is that better than this?Or should i use forex robot?Something like that and writing reviews to compare robots or brokers is great way to attract new clients.

Step 4:Build a Email Address List:
Consider to put pop-up contact form to your website to and create quality content that people who wants to read must put their email to read or download.Even if you get few emails it is good for start and they are extremely valuable and that is all targeted traffic.

Step 5:Sign Up to Forex Affiliate Program
Now you are ready to start making money with our forex robot or to do social trading.Here we have our broker partner that we are using since 2009 so you do not need to struggle finding some that have instant withdrawals every day.

Step 6:Put a link on your website
Be smart about this and the trick is that you add a link to increase exposure without overdoing it or being spam and pushy .Now you will be able to start generating commissions with your unique referral link. 

Step 7: Promote the Link to Your People
If you decide to do CopyFX and Social Trading you will get all traffic and exposure from our partner broker.He will list your performance on its website and people will find you.You just need to be profitable trader and that is easy when you are using our forex robot.

Step 8: Promote Your Site to a Wider Network Using PPC Advertising
Pay Google Ads,Bing Ads,Yandex Ads,Tik Tok Ads,Facebook Ads,Instagram Ads,7 Search Ads,Youtube Ads and boost your site to higher level of exposure.

Step 9: Collect Your Affiliate Commissions
Now just relax and watch your earnings roll ,sit back and enjoy.Track your new clients and earning comission.

Step 10: Learn Review and Improve
Always monitor your performance and learn new strategies ,review old ones and improve your forex affiliate program strategies.

   Convert your traffic into money making machine!

We will share with you 50% Lifetime Revenue Share!

We respect your reputation and your time and trust.

Stop selling junk products and garbage that scam people and take their monies.You are ruining your reputation selling that junk.

That is why we made sure that we have quality to launch our FX Robot & AutoTrading that you can be proud of!


4 Reasons Why It Pays to Promote KFXPro FX ROBOT & AUTOTRADING

  • Real Money Performance:

    We rigorously tested this FX Robot and KFXpro passed all tests!

  • Professional Free Product That Makes You Money:

    The product is off the scale in terms of quality and value and without price. Designed in its entirety by a full time professional  traders, this is one of the most profitable trading EA online in Forex market!

  • Excellent Commission Payout Lifetime Revshare:

    We will pay you per your client transactions.When your client close transaction on his account you will get 50% Profitshare from us.

  • Lifetime Support:

    You will have Responsive 24/7 Support

When you join us we will give you FX Robot KFXpro Full Licence so you can give to your clients so they can activate Autotrading!

It is easy promoting free products that are good!

Yes you will get all help needed so please contact us in Live Chat for more!We are looking Bloggers,Youtubers,Influencers to make money with us .You will be paid every day for your hard work!Thank you 

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