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Best Forex Broker - Top Broker For 2023​

Broker that we use for FX Robot Trading since 2009

For success the best Forex broker is important when trading in the Forex currency market.We are trading since 2009 and for us that was a challenge on daily basis.Things were not before like in 2023 and it was struggle to choose the best brokerage firms with at least optimum or the best trading conditions.Withdrawals were slow and yes everything is about money and commissions.

We trade to earn money and we do not need struggle in our life waiting will this or that broker scam us and don t allow to withdraw funds.Also like every professional or novice traders we want to have available all kind of types of trading instruments ,and various types of trading accounts because not everyone can open pro standard MT4 account.

There are people with small amount of money who want to open pro cent account.All that you need to search and find good reviews for the best Forex broker for traders while you are trading and earning some living money.When searching online about brokers there are plenty of sites who promote those brokers and they are on top search results.They say that all of those are the best of the best,and i do not think so ,as a matter of fact we have tried all of them and most of them are scam and they trade against your positions.

For withdrawals you need to wait the whole week,size of the spreads are huge,you do not have any trading tools,the quality of support is garbage.We do not need Traders Union to tell us which Forex brokers have a best rating because since 2009 we have tried them all.

How To Choose the Best Forex Broker?

Because there are so much fake reviews and traders who are not really true forex traders and they do not know what is really happening in Forex market ,i think they are paid to do reviews or top 10 lists and stuff like that just to earn their affiliate commission,so i really do not know what to tell you except that you need to do your own research and test them like we did.

Yes i know it will take time but when you have good Forex broker everything goes smoothly and your trades become better, and also you become better trader too.To help you a little bit i will list here popular brokers that we have tested so far:
Instaforex , Fortrade , Roboforex , Ironfx , , Alpari , Oanda ,Igmarkets ,Interactive Brokers , Etoro , AvaTrade , Pepperstone , Fxpro

I will not comment or review this forex brokers list or tell you to use them or not.That is up to you.With full licence you will be able to use our robot on every trading platform and on every Forex broker you prefer and you like.

Who Is The Winner #1 Best Forex Broker - Roboforex

Roboforex is the company that was founded in 2009.Since 2009 it provides brokerage services in 169 countries.It have 3.5 Forex traders and partners also clients who work with RoboForex and that gives them reputation of the leading software developers in the entire Forex industry.

Since 2009 it is our reliable partner ,and also by the most respected Forex market experts.This company won numerous and prestigious awards.Since 2009 we withdrawals from them never late even on weekends it is instant.

Affiliates can make money trough CopyFx and it has highest affiliate payments up to 5$ per lot.You can deposit as much you want and also withdraw.Every year they celebrating birthday and they give monthly prizes to all traders.​

Which is the best Bitcoin broker?

When searching for best Bitcoin brokers to trade BTC/USD or other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash ,Dash ,EOS ,Luna ,Ethereum ,Ripple ,Shiba there we find that Roboforex is best Bitcoin Forex broker in 2022 for a reason because it offers to trade on 26 cryptocurrencies and it is extremely important to choose trusted broker who will be up in time and allow you to have your own wallets integrated into account.​

Is it Best Forex Broker for Scalping,Day Trading ,Robot Trading?

For Scalping,Day Trading,Robot Trading suitable brokers are those who provide ECN,STP,DMA account with a floating spread like Roboforex and yes it is the best,but brokers who open orders with fixed spread are not good for Scalping,Day Trading or Robot Trading.Because there is lot of volume and volatility and spikes that can occur.With conditions like that and lot of Forex brokers from the list provide these trading conditions trader will not be able to finish his trading plan and strategy properly that is why we choose Roboforex !

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