Frequently Asked Questions - Traders are Asking

This page provides help with most common questions about our profitable EA robot KingltonFxPro.There is everything you need to know to start using our forex robot (expert advisor) like a professional forex trader.

If you cannot find the answers of your questions then don't hesitate to contact us in live chat!

What is EA Robot (Expert Advisor) ?

Expert Advisor (EA) are used to boost the trading process automatic , allowing the trader to not continuously watching the market.  EA is robotic script  and helps trader to manage all transactions with 100% discipline which human cannot have!

I have no experience trading with Forex Robots. Is it easy to use?

Yes it is easy to use. Our Profitable EA Robot Kinglton Fx PRo  is based on a new generation technology that allows you with a few clicks to install, run and start making money on forex market. No need to be professional trader because our EA is already pro trader.The whole process is 100% automated.

Can KingltonFxPro Forex Robot  work when I am away?

Yeah our profitable ea robot can work 24 hours per day from the market opening on Monday to the market closing on Friday,even on Weekend if you want to trade crypto pair. You don't need to monitor you trades or watch screen all day. Our profitable EA will do it for you. It will monitor the trades, open and close trades automatically.You can only close losing trades on your mobile if you want!

Do you offer free updates to be profitable?

Yes we offer free updates of our Ea robot every week trough your account number. Our development team will not stop improving KingltonFxPro and make it profitable on the market under actual market conditions.

Does Your EA Robot Trade Every Day?

If there are good conditions for trade (buy or sell) the robot will take trades on 24 pairs.He will open trades only if there are 11 confirmations on best indicators in the world. If there are no good market conditions the robot will wait for the best moment to open an order.

What will happen if I lose internet connectivity or if my computer lose power or reboot?

Yeah do not worry about that ,all trades that are currently opened will stay protected and opened until you restore screen.Only new trades would not be opened ,but the robot will resume normal trading as soon as power is restored.Just run Metatrader again and for sure your profitable EA robot Kinglton Fx Pro will continue trading profitable

I don't have much money. What is the minimum amount needed for EA to be profitable?

Money is main question always,and we know that people do not have much money to get started using our EA.Our profitable EA is made to trade with minimum of 100$ ,but you need to open pro cent account.We suggest to have at least 500$ in your account to have because small amounts are disadvantage because you will be only able to trade small lot sizes.The recommended capital is $1000 to $5000 and our robot will only risk 3% equity per trade.

How much is your EA risking per trade?

Our profitable EA robot is only risking 3% equity per trade.We think that you will earn more money risking less .You can put more but we do not sugest you to do so because then you will feel fear and you will close trade manualy which will come to turn off the robot and start losing manualy.

I see lot of bad reviews for your partner Broker?

Yes we are traders since 2009 ,building this robot 10 years so far and from start we are using Roboforex broker as our platform.We never had problem with them, withdrawals are always in seconds, even on Weekends.When CHF Crash happend only this broker paid all money to their clients!!

We have more than 500 clients using our profitable EA robot and they are never had problems with this broker.So maybe those other scam brokers trying to write bad reviews for them.NOTE: If you took bonus from Roboforex and you want to withdraw money just before withdrawing cancel the bonus and you will be fine!

Can i use your EA on other platforms and Brokers?

Yes but our EA robot is free only when you are registered to Roboforex .Right now Roboforex pay us to give their users free EA Robot.

We make updates on Robot trough your Roboforex account number every Week to stay in the game and be profitable!

If you want to use on other platform you can buy this EA Robot full licence for $199 one time fee!You will also get updates every Week for it!

How much can i earn with your Profitable EA Robot?

Yeah this profitable EA Robot have 80% winning trades with maximal drawdown only 6% .So with start capital of $10.000 and risk 3% in one year he made over $200.000 . It trades 25 currency pairs and because all the time ATR is changing we need to update robot every Week!

Is this EA robot best right now in the market?

Yes ofcourse it is!!We have invested over 10 years our trading life and over 100k only this year to build this EA and to give you for free!

There is no doubt about that only because Average price for every pair is changing every week so your stop losses on EUR USD for example will not be on the same place this week and week before.That is the main reason that robots are not profitable because they are not updated regulary. We update all Average Price Momentum every week so that Big Banks cannot hit your stop loses!

If it is free , How you make money?

We get paid by Roboforex for clients that use our EA Robot.As long you use our EA Roboforex pays us commission for it .That is why we want that you make money,so when you do we are also earning together!It is simple as that!

Ok How to start and get your Profitable EA Robot

Yes just open account at Roboforex ,verify account with your documents,close 1 trade 0.01 lot just to become active and contact us here .

After that we will send you our EA robot and help you install it ,also we will give you best tricks and tips on how to trade Forex like a pro!

For any other questions feel free to contact us in chat or on social networks

We are here 24/7 .Cheers