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FX Robot Do Not Do This Forex Mistakes

Hello and welcome to our new post where we will tell you 2 huge mistakes that every trader will do and our fx robot will never do such stupid thing.

When will you kill your account again?What do you think? I think that every time you follow other forex traders on social media or in telegram chatroom or watching their videos where they are acting like a pro traders some of you will eventually blow up account.

It is because they want to sell you something and they are not Experienced Forex Traders.

How will they do it?

Often you see that someone is making huge amounts of money and he screenshot his money showing to all people on internet so by nature and fear that you are missing something you will do a very common stupid mistakes :

1.Take every trade that you see

2. Oversize your positions

That will kill your account again!

So watch this video and check what is better forex robot or manual trading:

At least fx robot do not have social networks to follow stupid signals and everythng stupid related to!

So what we strongly suggest is to have our free fx robot copy in your trading portfolio .

Fx robot will open trades when he thinks is the best time after he see all chart data without any emotions.

He will stay in discipline and be focused all the time managing your account to be very profitable.

He will risk only 2 or 3 percent equity per trade with stop loses and take profits so you can relax and enjoy in your life.

Also you can log in via your phone into your account and check all live trades and if you want you can close that ones you do not like.

Yes trading with fx robot is much safer and profitable.

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