EA Robot VS Manual Trading (Big Forex Mistake Humans Do Always!)

Hello people to our new post. Today i will tell you 1 Big mistake that humans do and our profitable EA does not! Never!

Big Trading Mistake will happen If you follow other forex traders on socialmedia or in chatrooms watchjng their live trades.

Often you see that someone is making Money and and he screenshot and showing to all people on internet so by nature and fear that you are missing something, and you are missing the huge earning you will do a very common stupid mistakes:

1.Take every trade that you see

2. Oversize your positions

That will kill your account again!

Yeah that is why we strongly suggest to trade with help of our profitable EA robot. He will open trades when he thinks it is the best time.

He will stay in discipline and be focused all the time managing your account to be profitable.

He will risk only 3 percent equity per trade with stops and take profits so you can relax and enjoy in your life.

You can sometimes also log in via your phone and close only trades that are losing small, or you think that trend will reverse, but you do not need to do that.

I am saying this because people can not help themselfs, and they want to trade because they are addicted to forex.

Yes, trading with EA robot is much safer and really profitable!

Ok see you in next quick post. Ask me anything you want, i will be happy to answer you! Cheers