Day Trading - Fx Robot Avoid 12 Very Popular Technical Analysis

This is the post where i will piss of every active FX trader out there. So wish me some luck.

So in this post i will list 12 popular technical analysis tools to stop using right away.And we will go WHY very quickly.But we will make posts for them one by one .Because it will take a lot of to convince you,you are using this tools right now and they are popular,and 99% of losers using those tools.This tools are not good in combination with others also.

Trading forex on phone
Old phone or New Iphone! Which is the better?

Before we start i must ask you something and that is :

What if i give you tool that is made for Stocks in 1970 and i want that you use it in 2019 for Forex or something that is produced last 6 months ?What will you choose Nokia 3311 or new IPHONE?

I am always telling you about this 99% number that are losing money on fx.Let's talk about it .Why is so HIGH?

Price is going up or down ,it's a 50/50 chance,so how can you end up with fail rate that is that high?HOW?


There are some people who can actually make some good enteries most of the time but money management always take them down,and this will have lot of post dedicated to fixing that ,because it is not that hard to fix. You just need some structure in place and nobody was giving it to you.


That is second thing that where you can have great enteries and great money management ,but as all traders we have that unique ability to self sabotage,and there are many ways you can do that.And this blog will have post dedicated to that too.We will try to fix that too.


Way too often,game is over before even starts because you are using terrible outdated technical tools on your chart.I don't now how this even started,somehow bunch of people said OK we are going to open Spot Forex and we will give people to use these tools and indicators.Even some of them are not created for Forex,and they do not work very well. So they made that every expert out there is promoting those tools,and everything that new trader sees ,is going to make them think that our tools are only ,and only best to they can use to earn money.


So please read our previous post and there you will find explanation of everything!

So read BIG BANKS post,Reversal Trading or Trend Trading is the must !1


Let's start with number 12 and that is ADX Indicator .Produced in 1978 ,imagine that you are using tool produced in 1978.

Should you use ADS indicator in forex trading?

Number 11. Yeah Trend Lines

Trend lines for forex
Should you use trend lines in forex trading.Do not use trend lines

Number 10.Stochastics ,imagine 1950 prouced ,LOL!

STOCHASTICS Indicator For Forex
Should you use Stochastics indicator in forex trading

9.Price Levels

Price Levels Indicator For Forex
Should you use price levels in forex trading.Price levels will tell you where price will go.

Number 8.

CCI Indicator For Forex Trading
Should you use CCI Indicator For Forex market

7. Trading Support and Resistance Lines.Big Banks love those traders.

How to trade Support and Resitance Lines
Should you trade Support and resistance lines

6.Japanese Candlesticks ,yeah everyone are looking for that hammer to spot.And i mean EVERYONE!

5.Chart Patterns are ok for stock trading but for forex,nope.

chart patterns
Should you use Chart Patterns in trading Forex?

4.Bollinger Bands

Bollinger bands
Should you use Bollinger Bands on trading in Forex?


Fibonacci retracements on forex
Should you use Fibonacci in forex trading?


And number one :Moving Average Crossovers

Yes i know now you think omg what the hell i just read here.Everybody in the world claims different just this smartass here is telling me to stop using those popular tools .99% losers in the World are using this so i want it too.I really want to learn those!!OK STOP

I now i have used all those tools and spent whole life on them so i know.

It is better for you to learn my results!


IT is enough ,i know that you have been told to use those tools but those tools are made for stocks 50 years ago.NOT FOR FOREX.

Those tools are based on OVERBOUGHT and OVERSOLD which does not happen in Forex market!

Later in my post expect lot of good stuff,because i will share wit you 95 my tools and my strategy here. So please comment and share this with your friends.

Cheers traders,see ya in next post where we will continue our important work.