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241$ Profit / Spain / FX Robot Trading / Live Performance

Trading forex is very popular investment opportunity that can give you high returns but also can be very risky if you do not know what are you doing.To minimize risk we created a robot that only risks 2 percent per trade and to increase the chances of profit.

So because of that many of traders turned into forex robots without any knowledge.

We have such trader here from Spain who started forex journey in spare time .Despite of having little or no experience he determined to have success in this field so he bought our fx robot.

After installation on his mt4 account now we bring you fresh results and $241 profit where robot traded on his account whole night.

Ok lets check out the video and screenshots of live trading and performance.

Bellow in screenshots you will see all closed trades made by robot.

In screenshots bellow check out what is EA trading right now and which trades are currently opened.You will also see where are stop loses and take profits so you can copy it if you want.

So lets start with CAD-CHF