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$300 Profits Today - Belgium using FX Robot / Performance

When you are barking up the wrong tree and you lose 2 years of your life and profit that must be pain in the ass for everyone.Before this guy started trading with robot here he was trading on Instaforex where he had bad experience.

They disabled his account when he wanted to withdraw profits.Yes always choose your broker smart and first test it out.

Ok this guy from Belgium joined last night and today we can see profits $300 in his trading account balance.

His start deposit was $3000 with bonus.

We have video for you to see every detail.

What ever you did not saw in the video we have all screenshots and photos of trading where you will see account balance ,equity,free margin and used margin.Also you will see all opened trades which are currently running.

Bellow are screenshots of each and every currency pair that is robot trading right now.Here you will see stop losses and take profits targets.