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$400 Profit Dubai using FX Robot / Performance

Welcome to successful forex traders stories where you will see profit in forex trading from a day trader from Dubai who joined this week,and started using our mt4 robot.

Like a snowball effect his account increased in equity like a perfect storm.In the past he never used automated forex trading and he does not have any experience or what so ever with bots and he used fx pro broker so i do not know if they allow robot trading.

He started with $500 on Monday and in a few seconds i will show you all trades opened on his account and which strategy robot is using.He made over $400 so far,but Forex market is closed now but we leave all trades because we are protected by robot.This guy can not believe that this robot trading 30 currency pairs at once.Now dealing with it.LoL

Most important thing in forex life and to be better trader is to sleep well while trades are opened and you do not care.

Second important thing is to know your enemy,and that is you,nobody else.We do everything by our self and expert advisor can help with that.Every mistake and loss in forex trading.

Third important thing is to not get addictive like people who use drugs and heroin.Do not watch trades all the time because you will end up being crazy.

Ok bellow you will be able to see robot performance on his account.

A penny for your thoughs,let us know what you think about this robot trading and help us improve it .Write comment.Cheers

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