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525$ Profit Italy / FX Robot Trading Live / Performance

Now days using Forex robot to trade in Forex market has been very popular and today we bring you one such success story from Italy where a man made over $525 using a fx robot which has been installed into his MT4 account last night.

This man who prefers to be anonymous had been interested in trading quite some time but he never learned his own strategy to put into work. That is why he decided to try out this robot to trade automatically .

Today he is pleasantly surprised to find that robot made him $525 in total with whole day profitable trades.Accuracy of robot was amazing today and we recorded everything with video and pictures.

So let s check out the video first.

Bellow are the screenshots of all closed trades made by robot today and 80% of them are profitable trades.

Bellow are screenshots of all opened trades by robot right now.Here you will see all open trades ,stop losses and take profit targets for each and every currency pair.Robot trading 30 currencies all at once with 2 percent risk.