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$911 Profits Emirates using FX Robot / Performance

Seems that some seriously fraudulent things are happening on Instaforex.This guy from Emirates break the ice and opened account on Instaforex .They accepts payments trough Astropay so he made transaction of 100$.

After 9 days it still did not credited to his trading account.After that Instaforex tried to delete his transactions record from history.So be careful while dealing with unethical broker.

Ok but now we have a video where you will see profits from robot trading ,autotrading on his new account.$911 Profits is huge to earn per day.

Check out video and screenshots of his account where you will see all details.

Bellow are account details with balance,equity and open trades by robot right now.

Bellow are all currency pairs where robot is trading right now.You will be able to see open prices,stop losses and take profits.Everything what is robot doing you will see here so if you are beginner it will be great to learn this trading strategy.