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Austria Made $456 using FX Robot / Performance

Hello guys in this post check out fx robot performance on account from Austria where we have profit of $456 so far.After we installed robot last night into this account we bring you fresh results and everything that robot traded today.

This guy struggled to make consistent profits in Forex market.Despite his best efforts he found very difficult to keep up with unpredictable Forex trading.Yes it is unpredictable because you never know what is coming next,are there news or big movements outhere.

But now check out his trading account for today ,we have all recorded and we have screenshots of all trades.

So let s check out the video first.

Bellow are screenshots of his account where you can see balance,equity and free margin.Also you can see all closed trades that robot has made so far.

Bellow are all opened trades by robot so far where you can see open prices,stop losses and take profit targets.

So let s start with AUD-NZD