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Emirates Made 223$ using FX Robot / Performance

Hello people let see how is going automated Forex trading on account from Emirates with our FX pro robot.Like a perfect storm this trader joined today so after he verified his broker trading account we installed Forex robot into his MT4.

This EA Forex robot is like storm in teacup trading 30 currency pairs all at once and like a snowball effect increases lot sizes when account is growing.

Before this trader joined he was barking up the wrong tree and wasting his money on different brokers and fx robots.

So today he is here and let s quickly check how robot is trading on his account.

As you can see his start deposit is $2,000 and right now robot earned $2,073,84 and he have $223,42 in equity right now.

Here we can see profitable trades that are active right now.

Ok here you can see all charts and active trades with stop loss and take profits that robot have opened.

If you are beginner in trading you can learn this profitable trading strategy just by checking out these pictures.

Robot is trading just couple of hours on this account that is why we have so low pairs to trade.And it is Friday so market is closing soon.