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USA Made $265,50 Profit using FX Robot / Performance

Hello day traders and welcome to this weekend story where we will check how is going trading with FX robot on mt4 account from USA.

This guy before he started with ea Forex robot trading he was doing Binary options and i really do not know how because in USA everything related to that is forbidden .

Even our broker partner do not allow US citizens to open forex trading account.

That is why if you are from US you probably have your own broker so you can buy this EA and we will be happy to install it into your account.Because let s be real this is the best forex robot right now 100%!

This guy is trading on 30 currency pairs and it can be installed on every broker who have mt4.Ok When it comes to binary options i think that is pure gamble and even on sports betting you have higher chance to win.With Binary option bot you have bad money management and you trade in small time frame less than a minute.

When i was trading binary in the past i was stressed out person without life.

Ok, after he break the ice and started using our forex robot here are the results for this week.

Today is Sunday so only pairs that robot is trading now is crypto .

We will check out other currency pairs on Monday when forex market opens.

Let s check out his account screenshot.

This trader start account balance was $1,000 and right now in equity he have $1,265,50 robot made him $251.14 profits.

Who say that you can not earn passive income from Forex trading with small risk and no headache.

Here we can see all opened trades that are active currently .

If you are beginner and learning about Forex trading ,charts and best trading strategies like where to enter/exit a trade or where to put stop loss, take profit targets this will help you out because bellow are pictures of charts with all active trades that Forex robot is trading right now.

One picture means 1000 words so from these charts you can learn a lot of stuff .

This account was opened on Friday and now is weekend so everything going so slow and with small volume.We should wait Monday to see fx robot in action.Cheers and if you have time take a look a video about Binary options and why you should run away from it.

Also take a look of quotes for forex traders made by us.This you can only read here.