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Germany Made $714,20 Profit using FX Robot / Performance

Hello people ,from tonight we have new trader from Germany who already beak a leg with automated forex trading robot with profits $714,20 so far.

Previously he had trading account with Exness where he had plenty of withdraw and deposit issues,so every time he called their live support they tell you some bed time stories.

He deposited there around 65$ and deposit was not instant.

You need to wait 24 hours.What i am thinking that maybe they are holding money and investing in some other business who knows.

But every cloud has a silver lining so he is here now with us and lets review his trading account now.

As you can see deposit was $6000 and right now is $7326.70 in balance just from last night trading.

Here you can see trading account history.

Here you will see what is fx robot trading right now.

More opened trades that are in profits right now.

Ok bellow are charts with take profits and stop loss for each and every currency pair that is fx robot trading right now.Everything is automated.

If you are beginner you can learn lot of trading important stuff here,because this is what you need to make money in real time.This strategy you need in your life.

Take a look and you can copy some of the trades into your account.Or just contact us so we can give you EA to trade just on your account without copying trades.