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Singapore Made $300 using FX Robot / Performance

When you break a leg and start with automated forex trading after so much bad decisions bad money management and indicators then by the skin of your teeth you feel happy and trilled that you succeed in something good.

The whole population is fighting against forex trading and trying to figure it out.They try binary option bots and searching for holly grail like big banks trade strategy .This guy joined today and he break the ice with us and our fx robot.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.Today we will not compare apples and oranges we will just cut to the point.

His deposit balance was $4000 as you can see on video and pictures right now there is $4596.35 in equity.We have prepared video of live trading where robot is doing all automatically without you to do anything.

If you can not see clearly every detail of this account bellow are screenshots and pictures of what is robot trading right now with account balance.

Ok bellow are screenshots of charts for every currency pair that is robot trading right now.You will see stop losses and take profits.If you are beginner this will help you out in learning where to put those targets like our fx robot.