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FX Robot VS Human Forex Trading?

Hello and welcome to our new post where you will find out what is better for you,trading using fx robot or manual human trading. Hm i am trader since 2009 and for sure i can compare that two types of trading.I can tell you that i lost money both ways until i learned best forex strategies and which robots are the best.

I will try to explain why EA Robots are better traders than regular people with this short article.

First of all fx robot do not have emotions so when they are losing they are the same as they are winning.That is crucial to win.

But humans are Revenge traders who have bigger leverage than others adding positions until they go into profits.

And yes they can make lot of money until they dont.Once trend will continue to go and they will blow up their accounts in one day or week.

That trader will say i have to make back that loss and he will oversize account with lot sizes and of course he will get killed .

For profitable forex trading crucial thing is to have trading Psychology behind revenge trading.That is why i have found this video so that you can learn everything about it.

When trading forex i can assure you it will going to hurt because market do not care about you or your money.

Best solution for you is to trade smaller lot sizes.

That is why i prefer fx robot trading because he do not have problems like humans.He will trade without emotions and with always the same lot size.

Our Fx robot have 100% discipline and he never make stupid decisions .

I hope we helped you a little bit.Feel free to contact us via live chat or leave comment!


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