#Automated VS Human Forex Trading?Don't Trade Like This! Never

Yes, hello dear forex traders and welcome to another post where i will compare 2 types of traders.Bots and Humans.

I will try to explain why EA Robots are better traders than humans with this short articles.

Today we have example called : #Revenge traders:

Yeah those Types of traders probably have bigger leverage than others and they can Blow up their entire accounts and lose everything in one day!Or Week!

#He will say i have to make back this loss! And he will try and try to put bigger lot size, and lot of times he will change his opinion, and it might work once or twice but if you keep this up you will get KILLED!

IT'S going to hurt, market doesn' care about you or your money!

SOLUTION for you if you are such forex trader: Trade smaller sizes, your positions are too Big!

Or use our profitable EA robot because he does have 100% discipline, and he will not make such stupid decisions!

Yes i hope i helped you a little bit. See ya in next short post. Cheers


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