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Balance 1800$ Emirates - FX Robot Activated / Performance

When searching for Best MT4 EA you will for sure have lot of options of different FX robots out there and you will bark up the wrong tree lot of time,but you will never find similar to this one .This one will trade for you 30 currencies with only 2 percent risk per trade.

Tell me which robot can work like that .We have never saw anything similar like this one.We have here account from Emirates which has been started with 1800$ deposit and look at it now.We have recorded performance and we put gallery so you can see all take profit and stop loss targets . So let s check out performance live.

What ever you did not saw in the video we have gallery so you can check all opened trades with take profit and stop loss targets which robot has been made so far.

Feel free to comment and tell us what you think.

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