Check our EA Robot Backtest Updated for new Forex Market Conditions

Hello traders and welcome to our new post where i will show you backtest of our robot trading profitable in forex market.We have video prepared for you to show you which strategy robot is using and how is he trading.Ok i will stop talking and show you the video.

Yes robot is using daily strategy and he will open trades only when 11 tools show that trades are possible.This do not have bad money management because it is trading only 3 percent per trade!This Expert Advisor only run in MT4 and it is killing it !

Also now we have upgraded robot and we put smaller profit targets to hit our targets as soon as possible.

New version also have smaller maximal drawdown so it will be really great to have this peace of software installed in your charts to be protected all the time!

New version is much better than old one and you can have it for free ofcourse.

Just contact us .Please all questions you can also ask in comments.Cheers