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Austria Made $934,54 With FX Robot / Performance

Welcome to successful Forex traders stories where you will see profit in Forex trading from a day trader from Austria who made $934,54 with FX robot.This guy opened broker trading account today and as you can see we installed Forex robot into his MT4 account immediately.

Once in a blue moon you get opportunity like this to have automated trading activate where you can feel relaxed with robot trading.

This guy from Austria was extremely happy on cloud nine after robot start to opening buy and sell trades.

He told us that he lost lot of money on his previous broker account because of spikes and news and like spill the beans he wanted to keep that private but he could not because lot of money he lost there.He told him self that is the last straw and he decided to search trade bot who will invest small percentage of risk and to increase win to lose ratio.

Yes winning is sexy especially after you check out his trades screenshots.So let s review his trading account and check robot performance.

As you can see start balance was $4,000 and right now he have over $5,000 in his broker trading account.

Here we can see profit made so far and that is $934,54 and lot of closed trades that are profitable.

So let s check what is forex robot trading right now which trading strategy and which currency pairs with take profits and stop loss.If you are beginner in forex trading you will learn lot of stuff just by watching robot trades.Also you can use this robot trading signals to copy on your forex account.I does not matters which forex broker you use.

This robot is trend trader and follower and trading h4 chart but before opening trade robot check all timeframes and indicators integrated.

On CADJPY robot trading short with 4 targets already hit and he is close to hit 5 target also.

On CHFJPY robot trading short and it hit first target already.

On CADCHF robot trading short and it hit first target.Four more to go.

On EURUSD robot trading long and it just opened trade so we will wait to see.

On GBPJPY robot trading short and also it just opened trades.

On EURJPY robot trading short and it already hit first take profit target.

On GBPNZD robot trading short and it took 2 take profit targets.Just 3 more left.

On EURCAD robot trading short and took profit on 3 targets .It need to hit 2 more.Stop loss is also moved into profit.

On EURAUD robot trading short and already took 2 profit targets.

On NZDCHF robot trading short and it just opened trades.

Here robot trading long and also just opened trades.