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China Made $41.80 Today Using FX Robot / Performance

Welcome to successful forex traders stories where you will see profit in forex trading from a day trader from China who is trading with our robot.

When you break the ice and you bite the bullet going to do something difficult you start your forex journey expecting to make fast money or get rich quick you start to exploring what forex trading can offer.

Somehow you expect some dumb money to come into your pockets and you follow lot of youtubers and popular guys who are telling you what you need to do.

So let s check forex bot performance on this account from this day trading guy from China.

He started with $300 and now in balance is $341.80 so far in profit $41.90

So you hear lots of unimportant things because you want to avoid talking about what is really important like beat around the bush,where everyone telling you the best forex trading strategy and trying to force you to go trade binary options on Etoro or to use binary option bot to trade for you and you end up losing your money because you do not have enough knowledge about forex market or bots.

There is no forex bot that will make you rich quick.Forget about that.Then like bolt from the blue you find our our website and our forex robot totally unexpected and you start using our robot with one and only big banks trade strategy that is proven to be profitable,because big banks control everything and you need to follow whales.

Our forex bot is using that strategy and only thing we can say to you is break a leg,and good luck.We can see lot of opened trades and check out how much is equity right now.

On GBPAUD we have opened sell trade and we already hit first target.

On USDJPY we have opened buy trade and we will be patient.

On EURCAD we have sell trade opened and still waiting to hit first target.

On AUDUSD we have buy positions and first target fulfilled.

On BTCEUR and BTCUSD we have buy postions and we expecting Bitcoin to Moon.

On EURAUD we have sell trade opened and first target robot already hit.

On CADJPY we have sell trade and we also here need to be patient.We will wait till it close.

On EURUSD we have a buy trade and we expecting for EUR to rise a little bit.

On EURNZD we have a buy position opened and waiting for 5 targets to hit.

On NZDUSD we have buy position and waiting for 5 targets to hit.

On NZDJPY we have a sell position and almost we hit first target.