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India Made $154,21 Today Using FX Robot / Performance

Welcome to successful forex traders stories where you will see profit in forex trading from a day trader from India who is trading with our robot.

This guy joined today like storm in teacup full of excitement with his new trading journey and while he was barking up the wrong tree in the past.After changing lot of brokers from FXpro to Avatrade and Oanda he decided to start with Roboforex and he got a 60 percent bonus.

Only thing what maters is calculating forex profit and nothing more.When robot trading forex actions speak lauder than words and only thing that you expect for forex robot is that he is not gambling and using some black jack theories.

As you can see on account right now his deposit was $500 and now in balance we can see $654,21 and lot of opened trades. So let s check them out.

When you prefer human trading and only thing you need to have in your head is to try to not screw up with bad money management and forex techincal analysis and also if you put lot of bad forex indicators in your chart your account will die soon.

But when you prefer automate trading and you have algorithmic trading software that is good you do not need to think about stuff like that and waste your time.Imagine 30 years ago people was day trading only over the phone and imagine how difficult was that until significant change happened and we got forex algorithmic trading.

And here we are today using it without any problems.

Ok right now let see robot performance from this guy from India.

Look how our robot managing risk and money management .

Ok let check out all opened trades one by one and see where the stop target and take profit targets are.

Please note that this is not manual trading and our forex robot made this all by itself.

On AUDCHF chart we can see robot made sell trade opened and take a look where we have stops and targets.

So far we must wait until robot fulfill those target.

AUDNZD chart we can see robot sell trades opened and waiting to see where will the price go.

On CHFJPY robot made sell trade also and 5 profit targets waiting to hit.

On CADJPY robot did sell trade opened with 5 targets to hit

On GBPAUD robot did sell trade and we already hit 3 targets.Robot moved stop loss into profits so we are very in profit here.

On GBPJPY robot made a sell trade and we have 5 targets to hit.

On EURCAD robot made buy postion where we hit 2 targets so we have 3 more. Robot moved stop loss and now even if price hit stop we will be in profit again.

On USDJPY robot made buy trades and we wait to hit all 5 targets.

On GBPNZD robot have buy trades opened and it is protected with stop loss.

On EURAUD robot have sell trades and we already hit first target.