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UK Made $324,75 Profit using FX Robot / Performance

See the profit in Forex trading from a day trader from UK who made $324,75 with FX robot.This guy opened broker account yesterday and today we are rolling baby.

When you trade and have fun time flies ,trust me best thing in the world is to be relaxed during Forex trading and to have reliable Forex broker so you can withdraw your funds instant,and i mean that instant.

I really do not want to wait a week to get my money.Especially when you are trading manually and you have plenty tools that do not work ,like Forex signals or indicators.Avoid Forex signals and do not throw caution to the wind there.There are lot of scammers trying to manage Forex accounts.

Try to avoid the big 3 Forex signals,binary bots option,and account managers because if you do use them you are finished.But the best thing since sliced bread is to get early and see Forex robot trading in profits and when you woke up and you see that being first improves the chances of success like our robot who managed trades whole night like the early bird gets the worm that is the best of both worlds to have wonderful family and a great job.

Ok let s check this guy trading account and see robot performance. As you can see he started with $3,000 and now on balance we can see 3,324,75 . Not bad $324,75 in profit.

Here we can see what is robot trading right now and all opened trades which are in profits.

Now let s check what is robot trading right now so you can copy or learn something new.EA is trading trend following strategy watching h4.

So let s see each and every chart to show you exactly all open trades ,take profits,stop losses.

On GBPJPY robot trading long and already hit first target.

On CHFJPY robot trading long and it took profit on 3 targets so far.

On GBPNZD robot trading short and already hit first target.

On AUDUSD robot trading short with 5 take profit targets needs to hit.

On NZDJPY robot trading long and took profit on first target.

On USDCHF robot trading short with 5 targets to take profit.

On GBPCAD robot trading long and already fulfilled 4 targets in profit.

On GBPUSD robot trading long and hit first target in profit.

On USDJPY robot trading short and already hit 4 targets in profit.Stop loss is on break even now.

Here robot trading short and we will wait to hit all 5 targets

On EURAUD robot trading short and we also need to wait here.