Day Trading - Guy From Russia Made $289.84 using Forex EA

Hello people and welcome to successful forex traders stories where you will see profit in forex trading from a day trader from Russia who joined today and made $289.84 using our Forex EA.Previously he had forex account on Exness but now he is here with us.

When i was starting my forex journey this guy like my self and i have tried everything to make some extra funds or to live from forex trading.Then you get wind of something and you begin to suspect that maybe all this is a big scam where only few people making money.

So you then like a real smart ass with hopeless search for or pursuit of something unattainable go on a wild goose chase and trying to figure out who is your enemy.Who wants that you lose and you probably assuming that Big Banks are your enemy and that is what i was thinking.When you look at celebrity people like Kardashians for example you can see that lot of them make huge amounts of money and they are rich and nobody cares about that.So hang in there and get your act together because only enemy in forex trading is yourself. My tip to try using our forex EA and you will see good results in no time.

Ok Let s see robot performance on this account and what is he trading right now.

As you can see we have start balance $3000 and right now is $3,289 in equity.

Here are trades which EA opened so far.

Ok lets see how charts from all trades opened and where did EA put stop losses and take profits.

On EURJPY EA trade sell positions and already in huge profits and stop loss also in profits.

Here we can see that EA bought and we can see some retracement.

USDCAD EA trade with buy position and already hit 2 targets in profits.

CADJPY EA trade sell position with stop already in profit and we hit 3 targets. Very good EA performance here.

Here we have sell trade opened and we are protected if price move little bit up EA will close this trade.You can not win every trade.

EURJPY EA trade sell positions with 3 targets already in profits and stop loss in profits also.

NZDCHF EA trade sell position and already hit first target!

GBPJPY EA sell trade opened and first target hit.

Here EA have buy position opened and already hit 3 targets.

EURCAD EA trade sell position and 2 targets hit so far,stop loss is on break even.

EURCHF EA trade have sell position and first target hit.

AUDUSD EA is trading short and it hit first target.

NZDCAD EA is trading short with all 5 targets to hit.

GBPUSD EA is trading long and already hit first target.

NZDUSD EA is trading short and 5 targets are hit.

EURAUD EA is trading short and we must be patient here and wait.

CHFJPY EA is trading short with 3 targets already fulfilled

AUDJPY EA is trading short and we will wait to hit 5 targets.

Here we have EA short trade and 5 targets to hit.

GBPCAD EA is trading short and we will see how will it perform.

GBPUSD EA is trading long and first target has been hit.

A penny for your thoughs would be nice,let us know what you think about this robot trading and help us improve it .Write comment