Day Trading - Guy From Sweden using FX Pro Robot Took $235 Today

Hello folks and welcome to successful forex traders stories where you will see profit in forex trading from a day trader from Sweden who joined today and started trading with our fx pro robot.

When you are cutting corners and you want easiest and fastest way to make some passive income you find lot of scam in google search and at the drop of a hat you without a good reason listen to all forex gurus and mentors who teach forex tehnical tools and analysis you think that you know everything and you will be profitable like our EA robot ,and you think you did everything right.This guy was using efx forex robot then reversal happen and he end up losing .

Let s check mt4 account screenshots of this guy from Sweden and check what our ea is trading right now. This account deposit was $1000 plus bonus $600 from our partner broker,and right now we can see $1,835.So $235 is not bad today.

So what to do next and how to not lose money on forex ?First of all do not cry over spilled milk,there is no use in being upset over situations like that and everything in live you need to learn first.You know that every dog has his day and that is in forex trading too, every difficult situation has a comforting or more hopeful aspect, even though that cloud with silver lining may not be immediately apparent.Over time you will learn from your mistakes and become better trader.

For now stick to our fx pro robot and learn some good stuff for example how to trade reversals and how to be profitable without using EA,which you will see in pictures bellow ,lot of trades opened today by robot are reversal trades.

I honestly do not like reversal trading and our fx pro robot is trend trading robot.But as you can see why robot opened here sell position is because we can see double tops.

On CADJPY EA trade sell positions and we will wait to see will it hit any target here.You know when is everything ok and you have risk management in place you do not worry about losing,because other trade will be profitable and you have still lot of money to risk.EA risking only 2% per trade.

On EURNZD EA trade sell with already first target fulfilled.We have 4 more to hit.

On GBPNZD EA trade sell position with already 3 targets fulfilled so we have 2 more to hit.

On GBPJPY EA trade sell position and first target has been hit.

On GBPUSD EA trade sell position and we have 5 more targets to hit.

On EURCHF chart we can see that EA have sell position opened and 3 targets already hit.

On NZDCHF EA have sell position and already hit first target in profit.

On GBPAUD EA have a sell position and stop loss has been moved to break even ,but you know what ,we already took profits here.

On GBPCAD EA opened sell trade and already hit first target.

On USDCAD EA opened buy position with 5 targets to hit.

On EURJPY EA opened sell trade and we already hit first target.

On EURAUD EA opened sell trade and we took profits for two targets so far.

On EURCAD EA opened sell trade and we also here hit 2 targets and stop is on break even meaning we are protected.

Here EA opened buy trade with 5 targets to hit so we will see what will happen.

On AUDJPY EA opened sell trade with 5 targets to hit.

Here we have sell positions opened with already 3 targets took profits.

When our Fx Pro Robot or EA or Expert Advisor or Best Forex Robot or Automated Trading Software or i do not know how to call it any more because lot of names for Forex Robot,we will call it EA .So When EA is trading it always open 1 trade with 5 targets and 1 moving stop loss.All those targets like on the pictures have different value.Robot does that automatically so you do not have to do nothing.

Just relax drink some vodka because i will also do it now ,let ea working for you and you listen some good music.Cheers

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