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Switzerland Made $157,79 Profit Today using FX Robot / Performance

Hello traders and welcome to successful forex traders stories where you will see profit in forex trading from a day trader from Switzerland who activated our expert advisor ea on his mt4 trading account.

When trading on forex market and trying to earn some bucks you find lot of popular stuff online who wants to teach you about everything related to forex,and you need to escape from those people by the skin of your teeth.

They need to cut somebody some slack and leave those people alone to learn something by their own mistakes and not to forcing them into popular and risky trades.

Ok let s check EA robot performance on this mt4 account from Switzerland.

As you can see start balance was $2000 and now in equity expert advisor made $2,157,49 ,so this guy is $157,79 in pure profit.

When come rain or shine what ever happens at least you will learn from your mistakes especially when you love money so much,so when you lose you will learn.

Trading EURUSD among all other currency pairs is like comparing apples to oranges because no currency pair in the world have movements like EURUSD especially when news and spikes happen.

That is why is crucial when you are beginner to not trade EURUSD but yes i know curiosity killed the cat and you want to see what is so special about it and you want to beat the market.When that happens and you suddenly take some profit you feel like God.

Our EA Forex robot trade EURUSD but with 2 percent risk only with wider stop losses.

Ok let s see which trades EA has opened right now.

On GBPNZD EA opened buy trade where already fulfilled 3 take profits so far.

On EURJPY EA have sell trades opened and 5 take profit to hit.We must be patient here.

On CHFJPY EA opened sell trade and we already hit all targets except one and now price is going reversal again but we took our winnings here.

On GBPUSD EA have sell positions opened and 5 targets to hit.

On EURAUD EA trade sell and we already hit first target so far.

On EURUSD EA trade buy and we almost hit first target so we must wait.

On GBPCAD EA trade sell and we already hit first target and EA moved stop loss so we can soon be on breakeven and protected there.

On GBPAUD EA trade sell position and 2 targets has been hit .Stop loss is on break even so this is very good trade.

On EURCAD EA trade sell and first target is hit already.

On EURNZD EA sell trade and we need to wait to hit all 5 targets.