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Netherlands Made $447,98 With FX Robot / Performance

Welcome to successful forex traders stories where you will see profit in forex trading from a day trader from Netherlands who joined today and made $447.98 profit with FX robot.

As you can see this ea robot is very profitable on daily basis you can catch bigger fish and you should not miss the boat because it takes two to tango you and fx robot alone.

It s a piece of cake to trade on forex daily when you have useful tool or automated trading software that help you out with it.If you are beginner you will live and learn old school forex trading strategy and you will know when to trade and when to just relax and do nothing.

Those periods of forex trading is called consolidation and you will see order into chaos and again.Meaning wait until you see market trending again.Like in fitness no pain no gain that is how it works with forex trading also but when you are on the ball and you see profitable chance to shoot than shoot like our fx robot.

Ok let s see how ea robot performed today on this trader account from Netherlands.

His start balance was $3,500 and now we can see $3,947 in his pockets.

Here we will see all trades opened by robot which are in profits so far.

Bellow you will see all currency pairs charts and all opened trades by robot.You will see where EA put stop loss and take profits.