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Luxembourg Made $7,671,87 This Week using FX Robot / Performance

Hello guys and welcome to another successful Forex traders stories where we will show you account from our trader from Luxembourg who made $7,671,87 this week using our FX robot.

So yes this is our new client who joined a week ago and started with $8,000 and he got 60 percent bonus real money and of course free VPS server.

After we installed FX robot into his account he told us that popular Forex pairs suck and he want to trade without them.

After short explanation on how our robot works and that he trades 30 currency pairs at once he agreed that we start.

So take a look screenshot when FX robot started trading on his account.

This is screenshot on Friday closing time for forex market.

I really do not know why he thinks that popular forex pairs are his enemy and do not know who gave him that shittiest advice ever,so we decided to tell him the Big Banks strategy and to know when to enter or exit from trade.

Because now our FX robot is running on his account he will not need that but for educational purposes Forex is moving like order into chaos and so on.When you are in trend lot of times Big Banks will take your position by reversal trading and they will sell in seconds .

Only thing that you need there is to have 2 percent risk and to have wider stop losses.That is all you need to do to be very profitable.And yes fear ,get rid of fear immediately if you want to do Forex trading.

So my advice for today is let s drink some vodka have some party.We deserve it.

We hope that you liked this one more among all successful Forex traders stories.Feel free to contact us via live chat or in comments bellow.Cheers