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Make Money With This 28 Currency Pairs Today / FX Robot Performance

Hello guys and welcome to another successful forex traders stories where we will show you account from our fx pro trader account.Here is a Perfect storm while i write this post.

Forex Robot is trading so i decided to screenshot every trade and show you here.I dont know did you used before social trading or broker copy trading but this is another way to go and to make money forex trading.

So today as a daytrader with a coffe storm in a teacup i will show you 23 currency pairs charts and all trades opened right now which you can copy to your account.Before you start you should check and search best forex broker in the world because we are working with one.

Everyone wants to know about how to withdraw money from forex account fast,and with our broker you will have your withdrawals instant.

Ok for these 23 pairs with profit proof we are using MT4 but you can also use MT5.So lets see what our forex robot is trading right now.

In this screenshot you see we have account with balance of $6,887,92 and this account started with $5,000 so it already gained almost $2,000.

Here you can see lot of closed trades so far all in profits.

While i beat around the bush let s start what you are waiting for.

Here it is CAD-JPY chart and we have opened buy position.

On EUR-USD we have a sell position opened with 5 take profit targets.This is called barking up the wrong tree,but ok we will wait to see what happens.

On GBP-USD we have a Buy position opened where we took profits for 2 targets and stop loss is on break even.Now 3 more to go.

On GBP-CHF we have sell position and 2 targets already hit profit.Stop is on break even and we have 3 more to go.We are in pure profit here even if we hit stop loss again.This is called Bite the bullet because this red candle looks like bullet.

On USD-CAD we have a sell position recently opened so we must be patient and wait.

On GBP-CAD we have already on break even with buy positions opened.2 Made a hit in profits,so we may break a leg here.

On GBP-NZD we have a buy positions and it almost hit first target.

On EUR-CHF we have sell position and we hit first target.4 more to go.

On GBP-JPY we have buy trade and we took 3 targets in profits so far.2 More to go.

On AUD-CAD we have sell trade opened and all 5 targets to hit.Come rain or shine,we are tired of this waiting to nowhere.