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Does Anyone Make Money From Forex Trading / Our FX Robot Does

So I woke up today and realized I wanna share one of the successful forex traders stories to become a millionaire by the end of summer.

Now I'm halfway there, but how can I reach their even quicker? Well, firstly I'm definitely not going to be able to work more hours or spend my time on something else as time is limited. I have a whole Amazon business to handle and I'm sure you guys have a lot of things in life as well. Plus it's been said you cannot exchange time for money. So I sat down in my favorite top and wore my thinking cap while writing down potential passive income ideas. I could start straight away after countless hours of extensive research, hard work and tears.

I found two methods I could use. One was selling stock images and one was EA Forex trading. Can you guess who I went for? Yep it was forex trading, but I do have a career in photography, right? Anyways, jokes aside, I'm sure you guys are aware of me trying Forex robots in the past.

But Let's be Honest, I didn't have much experience finding the best ones, but now they have some cash to play around with. Let's go make some bread or blow my account up, but you don't worry, you can sit back.

But later I did come across something shocking or let's say a dog truth. Most E makers are smart. They provide free bots in order to get customers to write free reviews in exchange for an upgraded package. So this is how the expensive boss have a lot of good reviews. So you can literally never be sure if the bot is legit or not. After procrastinating for a few minutes, I went back to looking for a boat. All right. So let me show you guys how the MQL 5 website looks and where you can find the robot. So this is the MQL 5 website and you simply press on the market button.

At the top and right here on the left hand side there's a menu, and under empty four meta Trader 4 you will see experts. Just click on that and you will get all the eras available which you can buy or even get it for free. There's a new category. There's a free category and there's a paid category. Now for this video I thought, why not make it more interesting rather than just going with one robot like a paid robot, why not compare it? Paid robot with a free robot to see if I can make more money with the free robot than the paid 1.

So the free robot have decided to go ahead with is the KF

X pro is going really good reviews. It's free and it also works on a lot of different pairs. For example, the Euro USD, GBP, USD, the AU, the Australian and the US dollar and all the stuff and other 25 currency pairs. So this is the robot I went ahead with for the free one. Now the paid one is really difficult to find because you can't really know whether the paid ones going to be a good robot. As I already mentioned how people can fake reviews so when it came to finding a paid robot I had to look for a long long time now.

There was one robot which I really want to try out. It's a robot I have used in the past, but I stopped using it around one year ago and I don't know how it's going to perform now now the way I found this paid robot was simply following my gut feeling and just making sure at five star reviews. And I read through each and every review to see that they were not all matching now. Yes, there was some reviews which were literally the same, so I didn't have a feeling that this robot might not be the one, but I thought it's just £30, so why not just invest that and see if it still makes me money? It's actually $30, not pounds.

Now, as you can see it says install on terminal and it does not say bye now because I have bought this robot already. Where you see the buy now button just click on that and you should be able to fill in your card details and that robot

will be used. Now I'm going to show you how you can install this on your terminal. Your meta Trader 4 terminal and you can start trading with this now if you're new to this forest robot world then let me tell you guys a few things which you need to know to be able to run these robots. The first one is that you need something called a VPS which is a virtual private server. It's basically a virtual.

Computer which can stay on 24/7 because you don't want to run the robot on your computer, because if you keep it on for let's say, seven days a week and not turn off at all, then it might damage your computer, which is the reason why having

a virtual private server will allow you to simply have your robot running on that. While you can turn off your computer and do whatever the hell you want with your computer. Now there are many companies which provide you a VPS, but the one I have used in the past and is probably the cheapest I have found is called accu web hosting.

Ok the rest of the story is that this free robot is trading better than paid robot.

We hope that you liked this one more among all successful forex traders stories.Feel free to contact us via live chat or in comments bellow.Cheers