Don't do this!Like Trader from Italy using Profitable EA Robot!Ever!

Hello traders, today i will share with you results from trader from Italy who is using our profitable ea robot, and also tell you that you do not do this ever.

His risk is 50% per trade so i really suggest to not have this type of risk in your trading on forex ever in your life. Look at his screenshot which he sent to us!

He like this type of trading ,he says it is like heroin :D !

Yes he deposited only 2000$ and in 7 days using our robot with huge percent of risk now he have 9200$ in equity. I dont know about you guys but do not try this at home. His money management sucks really bad, and if you do this like him you will probably lose your account and our profitable EA robot will not be in position to save your trading account.

Ok trough these examples i will try to learn you how to trade profitable. See you next time, bye and ask me what you want in comments bellow!


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