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China Made $74,33 Today using FX Robot / Performance

Hello and welcome to successful forex traders stories where we will show you how our trader makes money trading EUR CHF on day trading.He have two accounts ,one where he is trading manually and other one where our fx robot is trading.

So what is he doing and how is he made $74.33 dollars on his manual account.He is doing swing trading strategy where he is following our robot profit trades.

So let me explain ,on his other account our fx robot trades 30 currency pairs and what this guy is doing he just pick up trades that are in green and copy that trades to his manual account and he gets in and out very fast during the day.

Let s check his EUR-CHF trade on his manual account.

You can do this with every single currency pair ,just copy that profitable trades which are moving right now.

So for educational purposes and to show you what is Swing Trading i prepared a video explanation on how to do it.Let s check it out together

We hope that you liked this one more among all successful forex traders stories.Feel free to contact us via live chat or in comments bellow.Cheers

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