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Bermuda Made $211 Today using FX Robot Trading CAD-JPY / Performance

Hello guys and welcome to another successful forex traders stories where i will show you our recently joined client from Bermuda who likes stick to the just one trading pair . In his case that pair is CAD or Canadian dollar vs JPY.

After we installed fx robot on his account he wanted that we delete all currency pairs from our fx robot and just leave CAD to trade.I dont know why he wants to trade just this pair but so far he has made over $211 with deposit amount of $1,000.

As you can see in screenshot bellow our robot opened CAD-JPY with 4 profit targets and one moving stop loss which is already in profits.

So what happens when you stick to just only 1 trading pair.Well i think you miss so much more trading chances to win and to feel relaxed because that pair may be in consolidation and doesnt move so much.

What to do then instead of watching only one currency pair and put all risk into one trade maybe it is better to spread your risk to more pairs which are trending right now,because you need money to earn right now and make money every day and not in couple of years ahead.

For educational purposes and for addicted into CAD pairs like on heroin i have prepared video to you to show you how to trade CAD pairs.You do not want to miss this because every currency pair have his own moments and volume and everything is different .Let s check it out.

We hope that you liked this one more among all successful forex traders stories.Feel free to contact us via live chat or in comments bellow.Cheers

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