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Finland Made $1405.95 Today using FX Robot / Performance

Hello guys and welcome to another successful forex traders stories where we will show you account from our trader from Finland where he made in this week $1405.95 using our fx robot.

This week was very low in earnings because market was so newsy and lot of bad movements was happen so we did get some losses on some trades .

Also as you can see on screenshot we have trades that are still running and some was taken in profit already so right now we have in balance $11,024 but we will wait until these trades finish so we can know how much is it in real profit this week.

So because of this situation and knowing how much patience every single of us need in trading even if fx robot trade for you and to all technical stuff like moving stop losses and take profits ,today i decided to show you video of how pro trader manage his trades vs amateur trader.Lets check it out together

I hope that you liked one more among all successful forex traders stories ,and i hope that you will leave comment bellow or contact us via live chat if you have any questions.Cheers

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