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France Made $931.74 Today using FX Robot / Performance

Hello guys and welcome to another one among all successful forex traders stories where we will show you account of our client from France who joined today and made $931.74 using our fx robot.

His initial deposit was $7000 and so far he has made good money because today market movement and volume.

So lot of you guys asking how that as soon our fx robot open trades they are all in minus.

That is because our broker partner have transactions costs and it is automatically calculated as soon robot opens the trades.That is small fee which forex brokers take to provide you best service.

Ok see now in this screenshot we have already made profits but new trades that are opened right now are in minus but it will recover in no time.

When we started talking with this guy from France he was telling me that previously he use support and resistance strategy until he started to losing money.

So today i want to show you a video of how to trade support and resistance and where to find it .

Let s check it out.

Hope that you liked another successful forex traders stories.See you next time.Feel free to contact us via live chat or comments bellow.

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