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Emirates Made Profit 200$ using FX Robot / Performance

There are always great theories of FX robots like black jack theory and movie 21.But this is do not have any relations with gambling or whatsoever.Trading with help of FX robot is not gambling .

This EA have everything calculated from lot sizes to everything else.This FX robot have 5 targets which we always seek to find and to understand. It have moving trailing stop losses included in his trading journey. Autotrading always starts with installation on mt4 account .After installation we activate robot and Autotrading starts.

When ever you do not want that this Expert advisor run you can always stop it.

Ok let see now Emirates account with start deposit of 2100$ and profit above 200$ for today.

We like to see every week 15% returns.

We have made video of robot performance so if you do not see clearly every currency pair we have gallery bellow with screenshots of this trading.

Bellow is the gallery of what expert advisor is trading right now so you can see all profit targets and where robot is currently have open trades with stop losses and take profit targets.If you are beginner you probably need and you seek where to put those.

Enjoy watching it and comment bellow if you have any questions.