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How To Install Fx Robot on 30 Currency Pairs All At Once

Hello people in previous posts i have explained how to install robot on EUR-USD and USD - CHF easy and fast,but today i want to explain how to add our fx robot on the rest 30 currency pairs with no effort or whatsoever .

Before we start i just want to let you know that we will install and setup fx robot on your account after you decide to start trading so you do not have to worry about that.

But for educational purposes i just want to show you that is very easy to do it on your own.

So after you installed EUR USD you have option to save that template and put that same template on for example GBP USD chart or every other chart as you wish.Just load EUR USD Template there and that is it.

After that you change what you want ,for example stop loss or take profit targets are not the same as on EUR USD,so you just change that and save that new chart like GBP USD.

You will do that for every currency pair you want ,for example : GBP USD , USD JPY ,AUD USD ,USD CAD , EUR GBP ,EUR AUD, EUR CHF , EUR JPY. CAD JPY , AUD NZD,AUD CAD ,AUD CHF etc.

After you finish all pairs then you just save that profile like for example Fx Trading Robot,

and every time just load that profile and robot will automatically trade with your settings.

If you have any other questions regarding installation feel free to contact us in live chat.

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