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Ireland Made $300 Profits using FX Robot / Performance

Hello people and welcome to another post where you will see video how trader from Ireland activated Autotrading and forex robot made him $300 forex trading profit so far.This trader joined today and after we successfully installed robot into his mt4 trading account and gave him VPS for free Autotrading started and we recorded everything on video.

We will see tomorow this account because tomorow he has bigger Fish to fry.Of course Winning is sexy so let see fx robot trading right now.

Today we did not put screenshots of trading but i think that you can see everything on video.

You will see all opened trades 30 currencies this EA Forex trading and everything what robot is doing right now.You can also see where and on which currency pairs robot put stop losses and take profits.

A penny for your thoughts would be nice about this Forex robot trading.

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