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United Arab Emirates using FX Robot / Profit $209.87 / Performance

Hello guys and welcome to another successful Forex traders stories where we have Forex account form United Arab Emirates with Forex trading profit $209.87 so far while Forex robot trading.

This guy sent us all his chart screenshots so we can see everything in detail. Forex account he opened yesterday so after verification passed we turned on robot trading last night. Previously he had account on fx pro but after searching for best forex broker he switched with our partner broker.

I always say that everything is about money and fast withdrawals in 21 century i really want to withdraw my money instant.

Ok let s see his forex account and which trades robot opened so far.

Ok as you can see on screenshot profit so far $209.87.

Ok here we have all profit trades opened right now some are just opened but others are in green.

Here we have all forex trades in green.

In GBPJPY forex chat we have buy trade and forex robot hit 4 targets and we are in profits.Stop loss also moved in profit.Right now it doesn't matter if we don't hit 5 target.

In NZDJPY forex chart we have buy trade where we hit 2 targets and stop loss moved almost to break even.

In CHFJPY forex chart we have buy position opened and 2 profit targets hit so far.We have 3 more to go which we could hit today.

In EURCAD forex chart we have sell position where robot take profit on 4 targets.We have one more to go.

In EURJPY forex chart we have buy position opened and so far we took profits on 1 target. Four more to go.

In EURNZD forex chart we have buy trade opened and one target has been fulfilled.We are going in right direction and we are waiting 4 more targets to hit.

In EURUSD forex chart we have sell position and one target fulfilled.Stop loss is on break even right now.

In CADJPY we have buy position with already 2 targets profit fulfilled.Need to wait for 3 targets more.

In GBPAUD forex chart we have sell positions opened and just 2 more targets to hit.We took profits on 3 different prices.

In USDCHF forex chart we have buy positions opened and 2 targets fulfilled.waiting for 3 more.

In AUDCAD forex chart we have buy position which is in minus so far .Maybe we could get stop out in this trade.