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UK Made $100 Profit using FX Robot / Performance

Salut for trader from UK on which account Forex robot trading started last night.Like bolt from the blue after we install FX robot on his mt4 account we have activated Autotrading so we bring you fresh details and performance EA on his account.

Before he started using Expert Advisor this trader has not had any experience with it so this is new chapter for him.

He told us that he was using Exness broker before and he was very satisfied with them with their speed of funds withdrawals.

We are very happy to hear that so to know that there are other brokers too that are ok to work with and we will not compare apples to oranges and write reviews.

We are not paid by Exness to promote them we just want to help you out and tell tell you from the first hand that they are ok.

Ok let s check this account from UK and how is robot performing on his account where you will see best Forex trading strategy that robot is using so he started with $2000 last night and now on account is $2100 meaning that robot made him 100$ profits so far.Not bad for today!

What ever you did not saw in the video you have the chance to see on photos and screenshots of this account.You will see mt4 account details and where robot put stop loses ,take profits for each currency pair.