How is our EA Robot Trading Profitable?Trend Trading vs Reversal Trading?

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Buy low sell high is the shittiest advice that you can give an Forex trader.

Should you be a reversal trader or trend trader? If you get this wrong the chances of you being in pro level are very very low.

My Goal is get you to the pro level to give you best advices before game even starts.

But if you are experienced trader i want to push you more ,and to give you easiest path to become a pro.

There is a easy way ,reading my blog and really really hard way to learn Forex trading.

So should we start :

In this post you will learn the right answer

And i am going to show you everything what is wrong with the wrong answer

I think that majority of you who is reading this post are in the wrong side,and you are doing it awhile and you believe in that.

I wil try to convince you ,and if you do not believe me then please go and find another teacher that 99 percent of people are using to get new knowledge but old.

Big Banks Love Reversal Traders

So Reversal or Trend trader ?

Yes majority of you are REVERSAL traders,you are trying to pick tops and bottoms,and yeah i know you have heard the whole that story from another losers ,and really that story is really going up in media.

Some of you in some point picked that top or bottom and made feel you really good.If that doesnt make you to feel like a GOD in this 5 trillion daily Forex ,i really don't know what else can make you feel that way.But on long term relationship between you and Forex ,hmm that is not a point.That is like going to Las Vegas and playing slot machines for the first time,and hitting a Jackpot for the first time.Yeah that is great ,but you will allow yourself to lose and lose waiting to get that Jackpot.

So where is your trading account ,how much money do you have on it MR Reversal Trader ?

At the end of the year what is it look like ? Tell us here in comments ,please ,we want to know?

99% people is using that method and all those people are in best case break even ,or they have small wins.But they can not live from trading that way.

It is not your fault why you have ended up with those 99% of traders ,because in the first beginning every video,every tweet out there was promoting that type of strategy.

And yes Reversal trading is ok intrading Stocks ,but is it not good idea in Spot Forex.

Why? Because Overbought and Oversold is not exist here in Forex.

In stocks yes ,but in Forex it is not!

Just please understand this ,if you see that overbought and oversold in some site that is learning you something ,run away and never come back.Currencies are not like that.Big Banks are controlling currencies and they move them up and down and there is no overbought and oversold in currencies!

When Big Banks decide where will price go ,it will go and they decide when will that change happen.

In Spot Forex Big Banks do this,they have software that tells them where 70% people are going so they change price in opposite direction.They do that because if they don't they will lose then.That is how they controlling markets.

Big Banks love reversal traders,they need them to survive.Reversal happens when reversal traders decide to go to with trend !

Like in the Vegas Casino they will give reversal traders some to win ,but that is small winnings ,and when market start trending they will take back all that money and they will be finished.

All reversal tools out there will try to find you when currency pair is overbought or oversold ,and that is not exist in Forex market. So what is conclusion for that tools also ?They are shitty tools and all strategies which are reversal are shitty too.

All those tools work very well when those guys from Youtube are doing it,but when you tested them they do not work for you.

Save yourself some time and do not try to test them out.

Become a pro trader here with us.

See ya in next post where we will continue our important work.


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