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Germany Made $100 Profit using FX Robot / Performance

Welcome to another great story of our FX robot and how is Autotrading doing right now on account from Germany.This account started with 2000$ and as you can see in equity right now is $2100 meaning that it is 100$ in profits.

This guy joined this morning and he broke the ice full of excitement with his new account.After he changed lot of brokers and EA s who withdraw money slow he decided to start with us and our partner broker so he also got 60% bonus.

Only thing in forex trading that matters is calculating forex profit and making money.With this Expert advisor you can relax and do nothing.

Ok let s check out the video to see robot in action

What ever you can not see in the video there are gallery bellow where you will see everything what is robot trading right now.From all currency pairs and stop losses and take profits targets.