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FX Robot Trading/ Performance/ Profit $543

Hello people and welcome to new post where we will show you account that is in profits 543$ so far by using FX robot.This account started last night so we have full results from whole day trading.

After robot installation on 30 currency pairs we successfully activated the robot and we think that this trader is very satisfied for today.

We like to publish fresh results because market conditions are always changing and backtesting is not always accurate.That is why this robot performance we bring to another level because you are able to see everything in the video and screenshots of trading.

Ok to not waste time let s check the video of robot trading and all currently opened trades.

In screenshots bellow you will see everything that you could not see on the video and all closed trades for today.

In screenshots bellow you will see all trades that are currently running by fx robot.You can see all stop loses and take profit targets for all 30 currency pairs.