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FX Robot Trading Live / Profit $854 / USA Account / Performance

I do not know about you but i always feel a little guilty when i collect and take money out of bank machine.I know that trading forex with robot is not really a stealing but i still feel like it is.

Especially when you make good profit like this trader from USA who already banked $854 since last night.He was surprised when he saw forex robot working on his computer.He said that it was running so fast and he didn't even know when robot opened so many trades on 30 currencies.

Favorite part about trading with a robot is that you don't have to think about it, just set it and forget it.

Ok we did not forget to record video of trading with all screenshots ,so let s check it out.

Bellow are all closed trades in profit so far. As you can see $854 is the profit so far and take a look those closed positions.Manual trading can not do that never ever.

Bellow are the screenshots of currently opened trades managed by robot.You will see open prices SL(Stop Loses) and TP (Take Profit) targets.

So let s start with EUR-CAD