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FX Robot Trading Live /Germany/ Profit $1242 / Performance

Hello guys and welcome to another post where we will show you account from Germany which is currently in profits for $1242 just by activating our fx robot.

Many people lost thousands of dollars just by entering in the big group of 50 people where you have a leader who give you signals but entire platform is his.Our guy who joined our brokerage platform entered into that group and after he make good money those people asked him to give 5 percent upfront money to withdraw the whole amount.That is scam that is nowadays very popular so be cautious about it.

Ok now let s check out our robot and video performance.

Maybe you did not saw everything in the video so we bring you fresh screenshots of everything.Now let s check out all trades which robot closed in profits .

In screenshots bellow let s check out all positions that robot opened so far.You will see each and every currency pair with open price,stop loss and take profit targets.