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FX Robot Made $254,51 to Bolivia / Performance

Actions speak louder than words ,and that is why we have screenshot of entire trading account of this day trader from Bolivia.

After we installed FX robot into his MT4 account yesterday robot trading started so here are the results.His start deposit was $1,400 and right now we can see $1,774,76 in equity,$254,51 profits.

So from yesterday this is very good.The best thing is when you have best forex trading strategy and it is a weekend you can without any fear leave all trades opened by expert advisor and enjoy in life without beat around the bush.

This guy was sceptical about forex robot trading and like bolt from the blue he decided to bite the bullet and try with Fx robot.Now he thinks that robot is better trader than anyone else.

Ok let s see screenshot of his trading account.

As you can see this guy break a leg here because all trades are in green.Before he started with our fx robot he was using efx forex robot paid or free version i really do not know.

I think that robot is day trading something like fx scalper bot but he did not had any luck with it.I do not know if you tried it but if yes let us know in comments bellow performance of that robot.

We like to explore new things all the time but lot of fx trading bots are out there and you do not know which one is the best forex robot.We only want to make money and it does not matter which EA is the best until it makes passive income.

Ok when you have pro robot trader and automated trading is active on all currency pairs and crypto even on weekend you can see that you are protected with take profits and stop losses on each trade.

So let s check all charts!

On GBPJPY robot trading long with stop loss moved on break even and it hit 3 profit targets already so we will wait Monday when forex market opens to see where prices will be.

On EURAUD robot trading short and took 2 take profit targets,stop loss is on break even so this trader from Bolivia is protected here. No loss!

On GBPCAD robot trading short and took 3 take profit targets so far.

On AUDJPY robot trading long and stop loss is in profit zone and robot hit 4 profit targets.We only have 1 more to go.

On GBPUSD robot trading long and took 2 profit targets and stop loss moved into break even. So 3 more targets needs to hit.

On USDCAD robot trading short and took 2 take profit targets .

On NZDJPY robot trading long with stop loss moved to breakeven and took 2 take profit targets.

On CADJPY robot trading long with 2 take profits took already.Stop loss is moved into breakeven.

On GBPAUD robot trading short where it took 3 take profit targets and stop loss moved into profit also.

On ETHUSD (Ethereum) robot trading long and after 10 weeks crypto is in red i think we should see positive movements here.

On EURJPY robot trading long and already took 3 take profit targets with stop loss moved to breakeven.

On BTCUSD (Bitcoin) Robot trading also long like on Ethereum and we hope that crypto will move in green.

On GBPNZD robot trading short and it hit 3 targets in profit and stop loss is also moved in profit zone.

Imagine you are Forex Boss,you own it all!!Would you give and promote tools from start to your traders to win?Hm ,just get rid of their stupid tools and think with your own head.

Ok it is weekend and for currency trading we need to wait till Monday but you can always trade crypto.

There are small movements when is weekend but if you are bored you can do it or let robot trade for you automatically or you can watch 7 forex trading tips in video we have found for you.