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Japan Made 412$ using FX Robot / Performance

Like a snowball effect traders are coming from whole World.Today we have a guy from Japan who decided to try automated Forex trading with fx pro robot.When you see how this EA is trading 30 currency pairs all at once it s like a perfect storm outside. It is really hard to track all those trades and human could not do it never ever.

Now after i recorded video and photos of trading from this guy account i got storm in teacup and my coffee is ready.

I just want to tell you few things about this guy and hear the thing .He was trading on Instaforex and he told me the broker does not make payments to customers.They started to manipulated his trades and his proven strategy just made him huge loss only because of their nasty manipulation.

InstaForex is hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.The whole time he was barking up the wrong tree.

Ok now he is here with our broker and withdrawals are guaranteed.

Yes so let s check his account on video and please penny for your thoughts would be fine if you comment and tell us what you think.

This account started with $4,000 now in balance is $4,412,78 and in equity 4,673,39 so he made $412,nice. Ok Lets watch the video together.

If you did not saw clearly on video here are the screenshot from his phone.All account details and all trades opened by robot.

All profitable trades that are running right now.

More trades in profits.

Ok bellow are charts of each and every currency pair with all stop losses and take profits that robot has made.If you are beginner this will be great for you to learn how to trade this strategy.

Let s start with #GBPCAD H4 Chart