How This Guy From Monaco Made $197.18 Profits in Forex Trading

Hello guys and welcome to newest successful Forex traders stories where we have Forex account from Monaco with $209.87 profits in Forex trading so far with help of our Forex Robot of course.This guy started today so we will check up how his account is doing right now.So do not worry we will show you everything we have all trades right here.Lot of people asking them self how to make money currency trading and we have solution here,if you want to listen.

Also we get lot of questions for example is Instaforex broker legit or other broker and such things ,but we understand you.When i was starting trading i had accounts on most of the brokers and i have tried every single of them.Maybe in other post i could make a review for each and every broker out there but we will see about that.

Yes i broke the ice for everyone i think.But most of the time those forex reviews are like comparing apples to oranges.I just know when you find the right broker you feel like a God.There are also lot of scams broker who will not let that you withdraw money from your account and then you dont need to cry over spilt milk.You are your own fault because you did not did any research.

Ok let s focus on this account and how much profits is in here.

Also you will see all trades opened and charts for each and every currency pair and trust me robot is managing all of them.

Most of them are in profits and you see that there is only small percentage of risk.

Actions speak lauder than words ,in this case pictures where you can see everything.

On USD-CHF we have sell position opened and as you can see 5 take profit targets.We will be soon calculating profits here.

On CAD-JPY we have a buy position and already we hit one target and we made profits.If you want to know which Forex indicator we are using here it is Ichimoku and it is not bad like other 5000 indicators which will not make you a better trader.

On AUD-JPY we have a buy position and so far no momentum or volume here.

On USD-CAD we have a sell trade opened and the same we did not moved from opening price.

On EUR-JPY we have a buy trade opened and look how we respect money management with really small risk per trade.That is crucial to win anything even on casino.

On NZD-JPY we have a sell trade and we took profit on first target and we have here small pull up so we will wait to hit another 4.

On AUD-CHF we have a sell trade with first target hit and our moving stop loss is on break even .

On EUR-NZD we have a buy position and we should be in good trend here .Maybe some forex news will boost up the price,who knows.

On GBP-USD we have buy trade and we are in huge profits here.We took all 4 profit targets ,waiting for one more.

On GBPJPY we are also in profits and waiting for one more target to hit.

On NZD-CHF we have sell trade and this trade just started.

On EUR-JPY we have a buy trade opened and first target hit so this is not the barking up the wrong tree.

Here we have some spikes and we already took profits on 2 targets.I know winning is sexy.

On CHF-JPY is the best thing since sliced bread because we just need a little bit to hit 2 targets and to finish this trade in profits of course.

On EUR-CAD chart we have buy trade and you need to avoid to close trades before they finish.Look at his huge green candle where it hit 2 targets.

When you think that is the last straw and price keep pushing up and hit 3 targets on GBP-AUD it is crazy.GBP pairs are crazy to trade.

On CAD-CHF is well begun is half done and we here are winning all day with this red candles .Beautiful.

On CHF-JPY we did not miss the boat and we stayed with this trade along so just 2 take profits to hit and we will be alright.

On USD-JPY you live and learn every day so we hit one target and we have 4 more to watch.

On EUR-AUD we have reversal trade and we entered in buy position and we are good so far and waiting second target to take profits.

We hope that you liked this one more among all successful forex traders stories.Feel free to contact us via live chat or in comments bellow if you have any questions regarding our Forex robot.Cheers