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How To Backtest FX Robot or Your Trading Strategy PROPERLY

This post explains how to backtest forex robot or your trading strategy step by step to get the best results and performance.We also prepared video for you to show you exactly how to do it because most people make mistake by backtesting at the wrong time of day.

So what is backtesting?That allows you to simulate trading strategy using historical data and timeframe to generate results and risk before you actually risking capital.So when you start trading in real time you have a chance to get profits most likely.

When it comes to test fx robot and other trading strategies which are using automated trading systems some traders or investors look for qualified programmer to develop it so it can run backtest.

Ok lets check the video explanation.

In this case we develop our robot in 2015 and we do backtesting constantly so we can check profitability and performance all the time.

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