How To Install EA Robot Into EUR USD Chart

Ok,here i will show you video to show you how to easy install our EA into EUR USD chart.

You can do some modifications here ,for example volume size is 200(Meaning 2 percent).You can modify that putting 300 to have 3 percent risk equity per trade!

Stop loss i do not recommend to change but take profit you can put 0 so that trade keep running untill trailing stop close it.Other solution is to put 74 to be 1:1 and that is ok too!

Ok check out the video and do the same like on the video!

I will record 30 videos for each currency pair separate !

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Risk is part of every day life.Everything you do includes some risk,but Trading Forex is really high risk.
We strongly suggest you that you find normal job and live like other normal people.Forex is not for everyone but yes it's beatable.With help of our profitable EA Robot you will beat this game.We promise!

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