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How To Install Fx Robot on MT4 or MT5

Hello future traders and welcome to another post where i will show you how easy is to install Fx robot into your MT4 or MT5 Metatrader.

If you have another Fx robot that you want to install you can also check this video because everything is the same except the file and conditions of the robot.

For example our robot calculate risk in percentage so if the volume size is 200 that means it will risk 2 percent equity per trade.Also you can change stop loss or take profit but that is not recommended with our robot because we did calculations for each and every 30 pairs we have.

In this video we will show you how to install EUR-USD chart and after that installation you can save template and put on another chart where you just need to change stop loss and profit target.

So lets check it out how easy is to install fx robot on EUR - USD chart.

We put this video because lot of traders wants to know if this is real and does this robot really exist. After you open account with us we will give you free Installation and also free VPS server where we will put the robot to trade.

From you we only need your MT4 or MT5 account details to link you with our servers. That is all. You can always contact us regarding anything you want to know.We are here 24 hours to help.

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